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Apply for Apprenticeship levy transfer from ASDA

Leicester City Council is working in partnership with ASDA who are looking to support businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire, by transferring £88,000 of their apprenticeship levy to create new apprenticeship opportunities.

Who can apply for funding?

ASDA particularly welcome applications from charities, voluntary sector organisations, or businesses looking to support disadvantaged individuals.

Your business or organisation must be based in Leicester or Leicestershire.

Applications will close on Friday 9 July.

What is the process?

You can apply to fund the learning for existing staff or new apprentices. You can apply for levy transfer funding before recruiting your apprentice, however, we will not transfer the funds until the start of the apprenticeship programme.

You can apply for funds even if you are a levy payer who needs additional funds to support an apprenticeship programme.

Please note: Any funds awarded can only be used for apprenticeship programmes

ASDA will:
• Consider every application on merit.
• Contact you within 2 weeks of submitting to let you know the outcome of your application.
• Upon successful application, transfer funds, on a monthly basis via the Apprenticeship service account for the full duration of the programme.

If you have any questions, send an email to

Start your application

To apply, you'll need to complete the application form below and include:

• the name, level and duration of the apprenticeship course
• the cost of training and assessing your apprentice
• details of the training provider
• an idea of long-term plans for your apprentice once they finish their apprenticeship

The deadline for applications is Friday 9 July.

i.e you have a pay bill of £3million or more or are part of a group with a collective pay bill of £3million

Further details on Apprenticeship standards can be found at
Please give per person and total cost of cohort

This will help ASDA make their decision, so include as much information as possible.

Adding apprentices funded by a transfer


This video explains what an employer needs to do when adding apprentices to their apprenticeship service account when they are funded by a transfer of apprenticeship funds.

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