Supported Employment

The Supported Employment team can help you to recruit, train and employ a more diverse workforce.

We work with adults who are Autistic or have a learning disability, to bring their skills into the workplace.

We work with and support employers throughout the recruitment process and beyond. 

We provide support to employers and employees from recruitment to in-work support.

We provide a £1000 incentive (per person) to employers to help them to fund adjustments, once the person has started work.

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We'll provide support to you and your new employee

We aim to:

  • advise on the funding available to your organisation
  • give advice on reasonable adjustments, disability issues and financial grants.
  • match a person to the requirements of the job
  • offer settling-in support to the employer and the employee.
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Additional support

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Become Disability Confident

The Disability Confident scheme supports employers like you to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to your workplace.

The scheme helps employers recruit and retain great people, and:

* draw from the widest possible pool of talent
* secure high quality staff who are skilled, loyal and hard working
* improve employee morale and commitment by demonstrating that you treat all employees fairly

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Interviewing an autistic person for a job

This guide will help you conduct a job interview with an autistic person. It will provide you with some techniques that will help you to improve the interview process, ensuring a better experience for both you and the person being interviewed.

Access the guide at

Transition to employment toolkit

Ambitious about Autism have developed this toolkit to support those working with autistic young people to understand their needs and help them onto the job ladder, or into further training or education.

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Employing people with a learning disability

With the right support, and if placed in a suitable role, people with a learning disability can perform exceptionally well.

Many people with a learning disability are fit to work, can do a job well, and can be just as productive at work as anyone else.

People with a learning disability can also be loyal and dedicated employees, reducing your staff turnover - and having them on the team can help to improve staff morale.

more on the mencap website

Autism Space

Find advice, information and support around all things relating to autism.

visit the Autism Space web page
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ACAS provides clear advice on how to support disabled people at work, including:

* Talking about disability at work
* How an employer should support disabled people
* Managing a disability that gets worse over time
* Disability-related absence
* Capability and performance when someone is disabled

More on the ACAS website
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Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus Disability Employment Advisers can support you to
remove any concerns you have around recruiting individuals who have additional needs and/or a disability.

For more information contact your local Jobcentre plus for more support

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Access to work

Access to Work can support you to:

* hire disabled people with the skills you need
* retain an employee who develops a disability or long term condition (keeping their valuable skills and saving both time and money recruiting a replacement)
* show that you value and will support your employees by having good employment policies and practices

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Supported Employment is funded by Leicester City Council and a grant from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).