Guide to finding work

Are you signed up to CFO3?

o Yes – Speak to either Kate or Hollie

o No – Email one of the following to ask for more information on training, funding possibilities and next steps

Hollie Stewart

Kate Smith

Just want to apply?

Contact one of the following so you can find out how;

Stephen Webb

Robert Turnell

How do I get to work if successful at application and interview?

There are funding options available that we can discuss with you to fund either Train, Bus or Fuel costs through the JCP.

We may also be able to help with the purchase of an electric or normal Bike

What do I need to do to prepare for the application?

Dig out your latest CV

No CV? Ask your Probation Officer, Kate or Hollie for help, but gather as much of the following information before contacting them;

  • Create an email if possible
  • Think about a Personal Profile – What would you say to an employer that would sell you as a great worker?
  • Create a list of your last employers and the dates you worked there
  • Write a little about what you did and achieves at each place of work
  • Your Qualifications
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Research the company and the role you wish to apply for

Need help with an application form?

No bother; all of the above contacts will help you when you are ready to do so.

  • Think about interview clothing. The JCP and CFO3 can help here, but remember, you will need to be enrolled on CFO3 for one month before the funding streams are an option for Kate or Hollie
  • Hate interviews? Preparation and knowledge is the key here. Steve web can give advice, guidance and arrange a mock interview to help build your confidence
  • Need encouragement and confidence on the day? Again, one of the Team may be able to meet you just before you enter the venue to give you a pep talk and go over any last minute worries you may have

Remember you are not alone in this process.

This web page is designed to help you ate every stage of the job seeking process. Also, the employers already know about this route and so there is no surprises for them. You are wanted by the employers as valued potential workers, so take confidence from this and take the plunge with us today

Finally, good luck in your Job Search with us and let us help you get to where you belong and deserve to be